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E-PROPS : Environmental Responsibility and Eco-Management

The founders of the ELECTRAVIA - HELICES E-PROPS company have always been committed in an approach of eco-management, which aims at taking into account, at estimating then at reducing the environmental impact of the activities of the company and its products.

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In 2008, ELECTRAVIA has been created in order to propose complete solutions of electric motorizations for light aircraft. The logic of sustainable development is evident. In 2014, ELECTRAVIA has suspended its electric activities, while waiting for batteries allowing a bigger autonomy, and has focused on its propellers department, while pursuing its strong commitment in respecting the environment.

At E-PROPS, everything is thought and implemented to design and produce propellers with the smallest possible impact on the environment; these propellers are ultra-light, manufactured following an eco-responsible approach in energy-plus buildings, and their use allows to significantly save fuel with regard to the propellers of others brands.

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E-Props workshops : energy-plus building

Here below is the detail of the actions and the results of this sustainable development approach.


- Design of ultra-light composites parts (the E-PROPS are the world's lightest propellers): extensive work on the designs to save materials. For the same engine, producing a 2,5 kg propeller instead of a competitor 6 kg propeller, it means saving 3,5 materials per propeller.

- Specific blades design : the E-PROPS blades have all a thin chord, i.e. the blades are very fine. A thin chord generates less drag than a large one, and this means a better efficiency of the propeller. A propeller which has a better efficiency allows the engine to use less fuel. On average, and depending on the blades geometries, the use of an E-PROPS can save between 5 and 8% fuel, at same RPM. A significant reduction.

- Protection of leading edge with shock additive : very strong blades which cleary reduce the consequences of impacts, and facilitate repairs by users. Changing the blade is no more mandatory for minor damages, neither the return to the manufacturer for repair.

- Unlimited lifetime of the E-PROPS propellers : no need to replace the propeller after a few hundred hours, as it is the case with competing propellers.

eprops eco-management


- Use of the minimum of materials : only carbon fibers and epoxy resin. => Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ? It is also the most eco-friendly !

- No aluminium parts manufactured in the mass : those type of parts is using too much energy during the manufacturing process.

- RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) : this manufacturing process has a very low environmental impact

- Automated injection and finish process, without contact with the atmosphere, with waste recovery.

- Use of the most eco-friendly materials as possible : biobased resin, natural fibers (flax) for some applications, wood for some hubs. The materials classified as poisonous by the European REACH regulation are not allowed by E-PROPS.

- No use of paint or varnish.

- Strict quality system : it is possible to replace only one blade without sending back the other(s) blades for balancing => less shipping.

- Use of environmentally friendly consumables : surface treatments, cleaning products, cardboard packaging...

- Implementation of a sustainable purchases policy involving the closest possible suppliers, choice of carriers who have an eco-responsible policy..

- Waste recycling when it is possible, otherwise selective trash cans..

- Regular training of the staff to eco-responsible process and solutions.

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- Energy-plus buildings in wood structure, with a large photovoltaic roof : annual electric generation 10 times higher than the company's consumption..

- Thick and complete insulation of all the buildings : heating economy, no air conditioning.

- Ventilation by heat exchanger.

- Digital configuration of equipments.

- Air filters and filters of ventilation.

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