The E-Props Company
The E-PROPS Company
195, Route de l'Aviation
ZI Aérodrome de Sisteron
04200 VAUMEILH - France

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The E-PROPS Company

Since 2008, the E-PROPS company designs, tests, manufactures and sells hi-tech carbon propellers for aviation.

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1- Company details

- HELICES E-PROPS (SAS ELECTRAVIA), company created in 2008
- A team of 52 aeronautical engineers and technicians
- Ultra-modern workshops of 7200 m² based in Provence (Sisteron airfield, LFNS), France

- Innovative and high performance, high effiiency, durable, E-PROPS are the lightest propellers in the world.
- E-PROPS propellers have an unlimited potential and a TBO of 2000 hrs (some models 4000 hrs)
- E-PROPS exports 90% of its production to 84 different countries.

- Manufacture of carbon parts in RTM (Resin Transfer Molding), HCF (Helical Continuous Fibers) process
- Automation of the production
- Certifications : PART 21 G, ATSM F2506-13, CS22J and CS-P
- Production : 75000 propellers blades / year

2- Summary

Founded in 2008, Hélices E-Props designs, tests and manufactures high-tech carbon and carbon-titanium propellers for general aviation.
The team of 52 aeronautical engineers and technicians produce over 75,000 propeller blades a year in ultra-modern 7,200 m² workshops at the Sisteron airfield in Provence, France (LFNS).
E-Props are the world's lightest propellers.
In just a few years, E-Props has become the world leader in propellers for paramotors.
Extremely solid, very quiet, offering exceptional performance, ASTM F2506-13 and EASA CS-22J certified for certain models, thousands of E-Props propellers are currently sold in 84 countries. The company exports 90% of its production.
Today, Helices E-Props is France's leading supplier of non-certified aviation equipment (sales, number of parts produced, workshop floor space, number of employees, export countries).

3- Brief History

ELECTRAVIA - HELICES E-PROPS is also known for electric motors for leisure aviation, as well as for aircraft equipped with of these new high-performance and silent propulsion systems, which it built between 2008 and 2014.
In 6 years, more than 70 electrically powered aircraft have been developed by the team, including the famous "ELECTRA" (1st 100% electric aircraft in the world, 1st flight in December 2007), the CRI-CRI Cristaline (1st electric twin-engine aircraft in the world, holder of the world speed record for electric aircraft from 2010 to 2018), the E-FENIX (1st two-seater trolley paramotor in the world), the E-SPIDER (1st two-seater paramotor taking off on electric foot in the world), the ELECTRO-LIGHT (electric motor glider with 1h30 autonomy)...
As of 2014, the company has temporarily suspended its electric motorization activities, while waiting for batteries that allow greater autonomy and longer recharging time. suitable for aeronautical use.
The team is now dedicated to the design and manufacture of E-PROPS propellers.
As of 2018, E-PROPS offers 4400 models of ultra-light propellers for paramotors and has become the world leader in this type of propeller.
In 2020, a range of over 100,000 references of high-tech carbon propellers for Aircraft was launched.

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Fixed Props for engines 7-50 kW dia 115 to 160 cm
Adjustable Props for engines 50-168 kW dia 120 to 209 cm